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Is your enchanted water hose attacking you?

PENNYWHISTLE (July 16, 2014) — Enchanted items in the village of Pennywhistle seem to be doing strange things lately, reported the Bureau of Magic and Enchantments today. There have been reports of garden hoses drenching their users with water, vacuum cleaners climbing living room walls (and then hanging from the ceiling) and enchanted comic books flying through the streets of the village, crazily flapping their pages.

“We’re not sure what the problem is,” said Bureau spokesperson Pernacious Prattfall. “But I can assure you we are looking into this very serious matter.”

There have been rumors that the problem seems to have originated on the northeast side of Pennywhistle.

A source that asked to remain anonymous told the Pennywhistle Weekly Whistler: “Yes, we believe the source of the problem is definitely in the Druid Lane area. We expect to make an arrest within a day or two.”

We could not get Pernacious Prattfall to comment further on these events as he was being chased around the Bureau office by a pair of enchanted scissors at the time of our appointment.

Scranton Scribblequill

Pennywhistle Weekly Whistler Reporter